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5. April 2017
Introducing our Facilitator: Daniel Johnsen
14. April 2017

Interview with Miriam Bundel, Founder of Shelf Sailor

We had an interesting conversation with one of our former participants Miriam Bundel, who won the best design award with her back then project Shelf Sailor. After our event Miriam founded Shelf Sailor and was also part of the e-commerce batch of the Startup Bootcamp Accelerator.

Hi Miriam, could you please describe briefly what is Shelf Sailor and what is so special about your business idea?

With Shelf Sailor you will find the suitable storage space at a fair price. We bring together people who need space with those who have them. For example in the private cellar, in garages or in commercial warehouses. Shelf Sailor is the largest marketplace for private space in Germany and Austria. Particularly, we make it possible to make use of unused space.

Miriam and her team at our past event (06/2014).

What were the biggest difficulties you had to overcome when you started?

A big hurdle was to get the first investment. This took longer than expected and also wear on the nerves. There are many minor hurdles and findings on our way, but so far we have found a solution for everything.

Implementing ideas costs money. How did you finance yourself?

In the beginning Shelf Sailor was a side project. Later we were financed by private investors, which allowed us to focus full-time on the next steps.

What was the most valuable thing you have learned from our past event?

The most valuable thing was to take the first step and have a first touch in the world of startups. I am still in contact with many participants. It helped me a lot and was my first step towards my entrepreneurial journey.

What would you like to tell the participants who have registered for this year’s Start & Found or are still considering doing so?

Take the step, give your best and try out something. It is definitely worth it!

Thank you for your time, Miriam. We appreciate your insights on your entrepreneurial experiences!