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23. December 2016
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24. March 2017

A Word With Our Location Partner Mindspace

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Dan Zakai and I am the founder and Co-CEO of Mindspace, an international provider of coworking spaces.

Dan Zakai, Founder of Mindspace

What is Mindspace and why did you choose Hamburg?

Our aim is to create something that goes beyond your everyday coworking space and to be different to other providers. We provide a boutique product that is bringing something new to the international coworking market. Our locations include private offices, suites, open spaces and hotdesks which offer countless opportunities of a modern working surrounding to companies of all sizes. Due to our size, we have the chance to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to scale their business and expand their teams according to their needs. In general, we have a big variety of companies that choose Mindspace as their home. We have start-ups as well as VCs, Angels, investors and even bigger companies like banks or insurances sitting amongst our members.
Furthermore, we offer our members a perfect place to get inspired and to create a new network. To achieve this, we put a lot of effort in every detail – starting from the design of the prime locations to all the included extras. At Mindspace you don’t have to take care of anything except bringing your laptop to start working in a creative and inspiring surrounding.

We chose Hamburg as one of our first German locations as the city has a lot of potential and finally starts to become recognized as a hub for startups and founders. We are excited to be part of this development and to do our bit in order to provide them with a creative, flexible and vibrant work environment.

How is it compared to the ecosystem in Tel Aviv?

Hamburg is a very sophisticated city with a tight network of traditional companies, entrepreneurs and startups. During the past year, I noticed more similarities than differences between the two ecosystems. All our members are very open, creative and innovative.

You are already opened the doors for about a year. How would you describe the Startup Ecosystem in Hamburg?

The startup ecosystem in Hamburg is very diverse and constantly growing. The Hanseatic city has a large number of food startups but also companies with focus on tech, Virtual Reality and services are emerging. The whole ecosystem is extremely well connected which is mostly due to the richness of events taking place every week.

We are very happy to have you as venue partner. What is your expectation for the Start & Found in 2017?

Great talks, inspiring insights and jaw-dropping ideas. We are happy to be part of this great event!

Working at Mindspace Hamburg: What’s it really like?