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Systems Architect at Thinventions UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Rick Pannen

Rick is a mechanical and electrical engineer from Hamburg, Germany. He’s been tinkering with hardware all his life. While working for 12 years as a full time backend engineer for a few of the biggest news websites in Germany he helped building up the largest Makerspace in northern Germany and did some crazy hardware projects (

After becoming bored with the web he went back to full-time hardware development and founded Thinventions – a rather unusual hardware engineering company. Thinventions helps hardware startups to turn crazy ideas into mass-produced products in an agile way and creates all kinds of crazy machinery for events and advertising projects. Rick can answer all your questions about microcontrollers, battery powered devices, wireless technologies, electronics development and fabrication. He won last year’s startup weekend hamburg so he will have some useful advise for your pitches.

If you want to create a touchable prototype during the weekend you can also use the Thinventions electronics lab, laser cutter, cnc mill and tools to make it.