All about your Pitch
26. April 2017

Prices worth more than 5.000 €

Start & Found is a 54 hours journey of hustling and living the life of an entrepreneur during a weekend. And the end of the weekend is granting awards in the categories “Best Overall”, Best Design & Best Pitch. Why isn´t there a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? We will get to that later..
But what would a award be without awesome prizes, right?

So here are our prizes of 2017:

Fitness First (Worth: 450 €)

Each team member of each award winning team gets a two weeks free membership to the gym Fitness First nationwide.

GITHUB (Wort: 420 €)

GitHub is offering the team members of each award winning team a 1-year free individual subscription, which makes unlimited private repositories possible.

Creative Tim (Worth: 2007,- €)

Creative Tim grants all award winners free access to the Creative Tim Big Bundle.

Pidoco (Worth: 2700,- €)

Pidoco offers it´s prototyping tool for free for a year for each award winning team. Develop your prototype with a powerful prototyping tool, today.

Pragmatic Bookshelf (Worth: 200,- €)

Pragmatic Bookshelf grants to the Best Over All Award Winner access to five eBooks of your choice (exception: The Pragmatic Programmer is excluded from this prize)

Jimdo (Worth: 540,- €)

Jimdo grants each award winning team access to Jimdo Business for Lifetime.

99designs (Worth: 900,- €)

99design awards the Silver Design Package for the Best Design Award. The Silver Design offers 60 Designs of a design product of your choice (i.e. a Logo or Webdesign).
However, if you don´t win this award you can get 25,- € off through for the 99designs packages.

Fastbill (Worth: 1044,- €)

Fastbill grants the FastBill Pro subscription for a period of a year for each team to support the award winning startup teams with their financial management system.

Pirate Summit (Worth: 450,- €)

Pirate Summit grants a ticket for the best over all award winning team. Join the Pirates from 6th – 7th September… Arrrrr!

Online Marketing Rockstars (Worth: 250,- €)

OMR offers 10 free tickets for the amazing Online Marketing Rockstars Expo. I´ve been there, believe me each ticket is worth it´s value like gold. You will get a lot of insights about Online Marketing and networking in the Online Marketing sector.

O´Reilly & d.punkt Verlag (Worth 500,- €)

O´Reilly and d.punkt Verlag are giving away ten amazing books for entrepreneurs. These books will be divided between the three award winning teams:

  • Projekt Phoenix – Gene Kim, Kevin Behr & George Spaffort
  • Lean Enterprise – Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky & Barry O’Reilly
  • Startup mit System – Bill Aulet
  • User Story Mapping – Jeff Patton & Peter Economy
  • Running Lean – Ash Maurya
  • Die Kraft von Scrum – Wolf, Van Solingen & Rustenburg
  • Visual Storytelling – Petra Sommer & Ulrike Hebel
  • Das Handbuch für Startups – Steve Blank & Bob Dorf
  • Geschichten von Scrum – Holger Koschek
  • Scrum – Stefan Roock & Henning Wolf

Premium Membership by Mindspace Hamburg

For one winning team Mindspace Hamburg will offer the Premium Membership to every team member for a period of 4 months.

Premium Membership:

  • Post service
  • Be part of the Mindspace Community
  • Invited to all events by Mindspace (not Happy Hours)
  • Access to all benefits
  • Discounted prices on MRs and newsletter
  • Working in the OS Flex Desk Area twice a month

Special Prizes by Hanse Ventures (Worth: Invaluable)

Hanse Ventures is not only giving each winning team a Rosé Cremant, they are also awarding a special prize with a bunch of awesome stuff:

  1. Direct Qualification for the Hanse Ventures event “Ideensturm
  2. Invitation to the exclusive networking event “eBizz Talk
  3. A voucher for coaching & mentoring by HV experts of your choice (BI, Online Marketing, Product Management, Social Media & PR, Design, UX, IT and so on)
  4. A book for each team member

So that´s all for now. Maybe we will add one or two prizes. You will never know. Unless you are at the Award Show of course.
Back to why there are no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes. There is actually a pretty good reason for that: All attendees of Start & Found are winners. Since every attendee will get access to a free .de Domain by United Domains for a period of a year. But that´s not all! The best reason why they are winners is that they all will have learned new skills, made new friendships, grew their network and probably started their journey as entrepreneur.

If you are not already about to join the next Start & Found from April 28th – 30th at the awesome Mindspace – you should have some more reasons to join now. So what are you waiting for? Register now.